Rimworld mod more trade ships

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rimworld mod more trade ships

There are 2 mods on the steam workshop called "Trader stock multiplier" and "Adjustable more trade ships" and these two are imo better working than other more tradeships mods. I use them both and no complaints so far. Just dig into the mod options for the frequency …

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More Trade Ships Mod. RimWorld BaseMarch 9, 2020 Mods 4 Comments. Edit Post. Authors of the More Trade Ships Mod: Blerkz, Kiame Vivacity. The More Trade Ships mod will increase the rate at which Orbital Trading Ships show up. It also may trigger two ships at once, as it happened in A13.

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Unfortunately, Steam workshop doesnt really support having multiple versions but if you want to alter the rate further, you can easily edit the mod after installing it. btw, this also allows you to alter the max population if you want (normally, More Trade Ships conflicts with population cap mods) You can find More Trade Ships files in your

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Id like to know whats the best balanced mod to get more hyperweave late-game. I tried More Trade Ships and Craftable Synthetics, screenshots, and links, get all your RimWorld content here! 271k. Colonists. 9.4k. here now. Created Sep 19, 2013. Join. Top posts october 19th 2017 Top posts of october, 2017 Top posts 2017.

More Trade Ships at RimWorld Nexus - Mods and community

rimworld mod more trade ships

The more I think about it, the more I wonder whether there really IS something crazy under the hood going on. You could test it and see what happens - make a backup of RimWorld\Data\Core\Defs\Storyteller\Storytellers.xml, go find "OrbiterTraderArrival" and set some crazy ass numbers, like 1 on, 1 off, 10 numIncidentsRange, and see if you get absolutely pelted with ships.

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Trade Ships Drop Spot by admin · Published March 8, 2020 · Updated March 8, 2020 Control where Trade Ships drop your items with a placeable …

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Hello Everyone, Its been a long time since I played RimWorld, and I remember the mod "More Trade Ships" helped me a lot, then I read that it may cause some bug in the current version, which stops some other events from happening (and …

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rimworld mod more trade ships

This mod allows you to adjust the frequency of trade ships on the fly! Safe for game already in progress. The ships per day setting is currently not working quite right. Set this value higher than 1 for better chances of seeing more trade ships. For Randy, hes purely random and the value is the chance something will happen over other things.

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rimworld mod more trade ships

Save our Ship has a Ship Editor built into the RimWorld game map, allowing you to make your own creations and share them with the community or for your own enjoyment. Download Save Our Ship Creation Kit: Workshop Install the SOSCK and activate it in your mod manager. Select the New Ship Map icon and click in the world. After a brief pause to load, a new empty map …

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Mod «Trader ships» for Rimworld (v1.1) Adds trader spaceships to the game. Ships will visit your colony, preferring landing pads (either from royalty expansion, or landing zone designation added by this mod), and trade with you just like visiting caravans, without the need for trade beacons or comm console.

More Trade Ships - Rimworld Mods Free Download

rimworld mod more trade ships

How to trade with Orbital Traders. Orbital Traders don’t appear physically in your colony. Trading vessels will pass within comms range, and remain there temporarily. You will receive a blue notification at the right of your screen announcing the trade vessel and its type.


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